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WordPress CMS Website Programming Services

What is WordPress CMS?

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. Its many features include a super-solid plugin architecture and an extensive template system, each having huge libraries of free, downloadable components.

Although historically associated with blogging sites, WordPress supports many other types of website content including traditional mailing lists, support forums, media galleries, and online stores. Used by more than 60 million websites, including 30.6% of the top 10 million websites as of April 2018, WordPress is the most popular website management system in use.

Why program your website in WordPress?

1. The most widely used CMS in the world

Without a doubt, WordPress has captured the largest CMS market share and, at the time or writing, 27% of the Internet is Powered by WordPress. According to W3techs, WordPress has 58.55% of the CMS market share — that’s more than all other systems combined.

Even large, global companies trust WordPress to power their sites, including The New York Times, Mashable, TechCrunch, and Inc., among others.

Bottom line is that if you’re looking for a solid foundation on which to build your website, WordPress is, beyond a doubt, the way to go. This website is built using WordPress.

2. It’s Free! WordPress is open source software

Being open source, WordPress is free to use, and there are no costs for downloading, installing, and upgrading. You can even find free hosting for WordPress websites. With more than 12 years of development behind it, the latest version is super-stable, well documented, and has many support forums available to help with virtually any topic.

There are 20,000 free WordPress plugins available to download. Plugins allow you to add extended functionality to your website, such as slideshows, contact forms, SEO optimization, and more.

At Electric Silk, we’re familiar with a host of the very best plugins to help your website look and perform its best.

3. Highly flexible and (relatively) easy to customize

WordPress has become so popular because of its flexible design framework, which allows developers to create or modify layouts to suit the specific need of the application. With thousands of free “themes” to choose from, and many more available for under $100, users are provided with an excellent starting point for customization.

Once you decide on your base theme, your website developer can customize the look to meet the needs of your overall marketing strategy.

Our expert team specializes in customizing WordPress themes and extending WordPress functionality. Whatever the need, we can put together a package to meet even the most demanding website’s needs.

4. Easy to use – not just for programmers

WordPress was originally developed for non-technical bloggers as a way for them to easily post and update content. Because of this, the admin user interface has always been designed for ease-of-use, and most users are able to grasp the essentials of back-end functions very quickly.

WordPress also has a ton of support available – anything from manuals and support forums, to full-blown video tutorials and “how-to” websites – you’re never alone in the WordPress development world.

When working with Electric Silk, we would typically take care of setting up and customizing your website – all the grunt work, so to speak. Once done, you would be able to add, edit or delete any of the content in your websites pages and posts.

5. Low cost of setup and maintenance

With other Open Source CMS like Drupal and Joomla, there is comparatively very little in the way of “free” components. Even simple plugins for basic functionality can be costly. Once you calculate the cost of all the plugins and components, you also need to consider on-going costs for maintenance and updates – many of which can only be done by programmers.

On the other hand, it’s easy to find free WordPress themes, plugins and components. Additionally, if any extended functionality is needed, there are lots of developers and programmers specializing in WordPress development.

The WordPress Advantage

Regardless of the growth stage of your organization, you need a website that is flexible enough to adapt and expand as your business needs evolve. WordPress offers exactly that – a stable platform for you to build and grow your online business, and an excellent way to improve your customer experience. Contact us today to see how we can help plan your WordPress website development.

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WordPress CMS Website Design Templates

On a limited budget? A great way to save on the cost of design is choosing a pre-designed template. You can choose from over 250 ready-to-use templates that can be customized to suit your design needs. Simply select a layout, and we’ll provide proofs with your design elements before programming begins.

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What Our Clients Say

  • Heli Canada Adventures

    Heli Canada Adventures

    Electric Silk (BC) is a prime example of top quality web site design and exceptional customer service. We have been clients for over ten years and have watched their work increase our business by over seventy percent! 

    Bob Shafto
  • Aucet Technologies

    Aucet Technologies

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I couldn't be happier with the quality of work, the cost, or the speed of implementation provided by Electric Silk. Thank you for making my business be able to work the way I envisioned it!

    Jay Powel
  • Clear Blue Sky

    Clear Blue Sky

    Working with Electric Silk (BC) gives me a no-nonsense approach to the best way to build my mobile marketing strategy, its not just about a good looking web site, it's how this web site can work for me and my clients. Electric Silk's helpful and straight forward approach helps my business grow.

    Ted Fitzgerald
  • Kaslo Hotel

    Kaslo Hotel

    Thank you. You have exceeded our expectations with the updated website. Once again you made a daunting task so easy.

    Susan Eckland
  • Just Jon

    Just Jon

    Electric Silk has been handling our online presence and website programming for more than 20 years. From concept to design, excellent service and follow up. No need to look anywhere else. 

    Jon Frolick
  • Alberta Marriage Commissioner

    Alberta Marriage Commissioner

    We love our new website! Electric Silk (BC) made even the most complicated elements so easy to use. Thanks for making the entire process so enjoyable! 

    Robin White
  • Kaslo Hotel

    Kaslo Hotel

    Fast, efficient, knowledgeable and affordable – that's the kind of service we needed from Electric Silk for changes to our website design...and that's what we got. 

    Andy LeCouffe
  • Laughopolis TV

    Laughopolis TV

    We love our new website! Electric Silk (BC) made even the most complicated elements so easy to use. Thanks for making the entire process so enjoyable! 

    Carrie Klassen

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Website Developer

Our focus is on full stack web programming with PHP & MySQL, building custom websites from scratch and building WordPress Websites.

We also offer other website services, including domain registration, website hosting, secure certificates, website maintenance, updates and support. If you’re not sure where to start, contact us about our free website programming consultation.

Electric Silk is a great resource for small businesses and individuals trying to build, rebuild, expand or “clean up” their outdated web presence.

Why Use a Freelance Web Developer?

Generally, those seeking freelance web developers fall into one of these categories.

  • Personal/internal web development skills are not sufficient.
  • Hiring a full-time on-site web programmer is not feasible.
  • Desire for a professional website programmer who works well independently.

If this sounds like you, Electric Silk is an expert web developer for hire. Contact us to get a website development cost for your project.

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